The 14 Components of Health

As shown in the Guide to Optimum Health, there are 4-Dimensions to Optimum Health, and these dimensions consist of 14 components.

Since it is well known that a person is only as healthy as their weakest link, The H2 Program starts by focusing on that weak link, or links.

Find your weakest component below and start your journey!

THE TOOLS for Mastering the 14 Components


Nutrition Tools


How do YOU define rest?

How to Meditate

Meditate to Sunset at Beach

Vitals & Risk Factors

Vital Tests & Statistics you should know

Exercise & Movement

How to create a fitness routine

How to stretch properly

How to find your target heart rate

How to maximize your workouts

How to combat SITTING

Pain & Dysfunction Cycle

The HEALING process


Workout variables

Free Stretching videos

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~Free Total body circuit videos

Warm-up videos

Stabilization videos


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Money & Finance

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Fitness, Ego & Vanity

Health vs. Fitness

The 13 Laws

Mastering the Universe

Will Smith on the Power of your Words

How to Achieve your Desires


History of the Virtues

Heart Virtues

~ Happiness

How to Avoid Being Broke & Stupid


The 5 Stages to Enlightenment

Eckhart Tolle


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What rejuvenates YOU?


Find your Mission in Volume I

Live Full, Die Empty

Dimension # 1 – Body


There are 4 components to the Body:

1. Nutrition 2. Movement/Exercise 3. Rest 4. Vitals & Risk Factors

You can learn all about them in the books.

– Secondary source of health and happiness
– Born with/develop/do not keep
– Personal/individual
– Physical body
– Earthly
– Manifestation of Self

Here is where most people are stuck, controlled by their ego and trying to attain some sort of satisfaction through various acts of fitness, eating and lifestyle habits. Unfortunately these acts are often compulsive and unhealthy.
On the other hand, others completely ignore this category and let their physical health deteriorate into chronic and serious diseases.
As usual, balance and moderation are key. The physical dimension of health is absolutely essential to nurture and take care of, as long as it is one’s Self, not the ego running the show.

The “rest” component in this dimension is how the Self nurtures the physical body; without such time together the two dimensions cannot fully integrate and the mind-body-spirit potential is diminished.

A person truly becomes healthy once their competitive nature burns out and their focus turns to self discovery and selfless behaviors. This is most often later in life (or many life times) when wisdom is blossoming.

This is not to say that all of one’s time spent being competitive and compulsive is a waste, because it is not. In fact it is essential and part of the journey. These experiences give a person the tools needed to make wise decisions when the time is right.

Dimension # 2 – Universe


There is 1 component to the Universe:

1. The Laws

You can learn all about each Law in the books.

– All knowing and wise
– Mother nature
– Morals
– Gifts
– Divine
– Born with/develop/keep
– Interconnectedness
– Tools to improve Self

Here is where one plugs into for spiritual growth. This is the indescribable and undeniable energy that grows within a person and begs to come out whenever wisdom is needed. Some call it God, Buddha, the Source, the Divine, the Universe, Collective Consciousness and many more. No matter what it’s called, it has all the power anyone could ever need to accomplish everything possible.

This is what holds us all together and allows us to feel love and empathy for a complete stranger in the right circumstance.
Tapping into this power is what creates miracles, brings about wisdom and helps people reach their potential in every meaning of the word. The Universe has all the tools one could hope for on a righteous journey, and it is so willing to give them out.

The universe is so powerful that Volume II is entirely dedicated to it.


Dimension # 3 – Community


There are 4 components to the Community:

1. Environment 2. Career 3. $ & Finance 4. Ego – Fitness – Vanity

You can learn all about them in the books.

– Indirectly related to body and physiology
– Mostly developed/do not keep
– Ego and appearance
– Compare and compete
– Family/home/friends/career
– Earthly
– Illusions of Self and identity
– Tools to improve Self

Here is where most people think their identity lies. This is an illusion, even though society may label them as such. It is not what someone does for a living, but how they do these things that creates a Self, and then a true identity in the community.
If one is lucky, then a career and family blatantly encourages the righteous path and provides a place to practice their divine lessons. However, for most people a career can feel far from righteous, or at least that is what it seems like.
If someone is in a horrific job or family, then suffering is probably on their divine agenda and that phase is being acted out appropriately. This is also an opportunity to practice divine skills, albeit in a much harsher environment than the person in an “ideal” career or family.

Both examples (ideal and harsh) are merely environments a person can grow in. This also goes for beauty and fitness. They are not who a person really is, yet people in low level jobs or low fitness levels are still constantly being looked down upon as lesser people.


Ego and survival is why. People feel better when they compare themselves to those who have ‘less” and they feel worse compared to people who have “more.”

The solution is to think in terms of enlightenment and interconnectedness instead of identities and comparisons. This will ensure an enriching path that keeps the Self headed toward its potential.

Dimension # 4 – Self


There are 5 components to the Self:

1. Virtue 2. Spirituality 3. Social Relationships 4. Rejuvenations 5. Mission

You can learn all about them in the books.

– Primary source of health and true happiness
– A healthy Self is the key to happiness and success for all other dimensions of  health
– Morals and virtues
– Mental, emotional & spiritual
– Social skills
– Egoless
– Contemplation
– Divine
– Peace and fulfillment
– Born with/develop/keep
– Interconnectedness
– Divine powers and gifts

Some people never make it to this dimension, mostly because they are so busy achieving and accumulating things in their community and for their body. This is not to say that focusing on the body and community are bad, but…
…without a strong foundation of knowing who one’s Self really is, all efforts and results are superficial, short lived, and unfulfilling. 

An equation to live by is M + E + S = P
Mental + Emotional + Spiritual = Physical

This means that the physical body is the sum of its mental, emotional and spiritual qualities. In other words, the roots create the fruits and one’s inner world creates their outer world.
This also means that focusing on the physical body will not improve one’s Self, in fact it usually distracts from the areas that need the most attention.

Whoever reads this book is at least somewhat interested in reaching their highest potential, and if that is the case, then enriching the Self  first is the best way to fully enjoy one’s efforts and achievements. On this path is where one finds peace, contentment and the ability to attract the right job and friends while creating the most amazing environment to live in.

There is a catch regarding the journey to one’s true Self, which explains why many people unconsciously stay away from it; this journey is full of pain and suffering and can take many lifetimes to achieve clarity.

It is a kind of struggle that is full of unknowns, inner demons, hopelessness, confusion, and everything else associated with unlearning countless habits and thoughts one has believed to be true, and then rebuilding one’s Self up from scratch, with their own efforts.
Now why would anyone want to go through all that?? Because of a deep, deep feeling inside of them that cannot and will not be satisfied with any amount of money or external achievements. The only way to fulfill this burning desire is to embark on a journey of Self-discovery.

So while it may seem best to focus on fitness, nutrition, sleep patterns and finding a good job, none of these do anything to improve who a person truly is or how they interact with the world on a deeper level. And no matter how amazing they become at these non-Self acts, there will still be something missing that causes them to accumulate more things, until they realize that their authentic Self is what they are chasing and trying to get in touch with.

Try making your Self a priority and letting all of the other components fall into place behind the direction of what you find in your Self.