Best Oatmeal Ideas

Ready to revise up your recipes and make ordinary results extraordinary?

We brought you the t-shirt workout to help you carve the perfect torso. Now, we’re going one step further by bringing you the sleeveless t-shirt workout. This routine was designed to target the key muscles of your upper body that must look good if you’re going to dare go sleeveless: your biceps, delts, shoulders, and upper back. “Inverting the body with the Handstand Pushup, then having the arms go to pre-exhaustion fills the arms with blood, priming them for a great pump with the barbell curls,” says Corey Burnham, who programmed this routine. “Anybody can make a bicep look impressive when they curl their arm, but to have impressive arms even when they are straight by your side means that you have been doing the right, full body exercises,” says Burnhamwho notes that the Barbell Curl is one of the best moves for accomplishing this goal. “Go as heavy as possible on these, but keep very good form,” he notes.

What’s more: You’ll also hit your abs: “Having super buff arms without core engagement leads to poor athleticism and is not a good look for the summer,” says Burnham who added in Handstand Pushups and Pledge Planks to help activate your core in a way that forces them to dynamically stabilize the entire body.

Fitness is not about being better than someone else…  IT IS ABOUT BEING BETTER THAN YOU USED TO BE.
— Gordon Slanquit, Personal Trainer Association

When you’re finished with your workout, hang from a pull-up bar and simply relax. Then, walk on the treadmill or outside for about 15 minutes to improve circulation and ensure that your arms recover adequately.

Do this routine two to three days a week, but vary the volume of sets based on feel.

But, don’t stop after the workout ends. Use your arms throughout the day: make a fist, lift objects, glove up and hit a bag, carry your office bag with your grip, not your shoulder.

Here’s how it works:
Perform the first three moves one after another (Handstand Pushup Hold, Pledge Plank, Barbell Curl).
Rest 45-60 seconds between exercises.
That’s one set.  Do up to 5-8 sets of these. Then, move on to the final two moves. Complete as many sets as possible with 30 seconds rest maximum. “You go until your form breaks, meaning you have nothing left”

Healthy Breakfasts

*Try to find as many organic options as possible.

  1. Plain oatmeal, coconut oil, cinnamon and fruit
  2. Plain oatmeal, plain greek yogurt* and fruit or honey
  3. Omelet or eggs with beans and or tortillas
  4. Whipped sweet potato (1) w/coconut oil (1-2T) and  cinnamon (1t)
  5. Hard boiled eggs, fruit and nuts or Granola and more
  6. Smoothies and more smoothies and more
  7. Apple sandwich w nut butter and Granola and more
  8. Home fries (sweet, sweet or regular potatoes) and eggs
  9. Hash browns (sweet or regular or regular potatoes) and eggs
  10. Pulled pork breakfast scramble
  11. Frittata’s
  12. Granola and more and plain greek yogurt + berries
  13. Hash and eggs
  14. Kabobs (leftovers) and eggs
  15. Sweet potato latke’s
  16. Butternut squash & bacon hash (add eggs on top)
  17. Butternut squash hash
  18. Raw Buckwheat porridge
  19. Cooked buckwheat porridge
  20. No-oatsmeal and more
  21. Banana bread and Greek yogurt
  22. Burritos (eggs, potatoes, salsa, cheese, meat)
  23. Chillaquiles + eggs or beans and salsa
  24. Leftovers (meat, potatoes or veggies) + eggs
  25. Huevos Ranchero’s


  1. Fresh squeezed orange or grapefruit juice
  2. Tea + gelatin (1-2T) and optional honey (1-3t)
  3. Coffee
  4. Tea
  5. Raw milk

All About Juicing

Have you ever read what is in those “all natural” and “fresh” juices? They are not even close to fresh or natural. So without going off on a tirade about them, here is my favorite way to start the day out! And yes, I love coffee, but coffee is acidic and this juice is cleansing and alkaline. So it is a GREAT way to cleanse the blood and get your daily vitamins in.

You will need a juicer, so if you do not have one check out the

Breville Compact Juicer. It is one of the best investments you can make for your health. Now you can drink fresh natural juices the real way, and your kids will love it too.

Try this veggie juice recipe for adults (makes about two large glasses):

  • 2 large handfuls of spinach
  • 8 large carrots
  • one kale leaf
  • 2 green chard leaves
  • one celery stalk
  • 2 whole apples, cut in half
  • one whole lemon, cut in half
  • one half of a red beet
  • a few sprigs of parsley

What’s great about juicing with the Breville is there is no need to peel or cut the ends off of the carrots or other veggies. Just wash all produce thoroughly!


Here is a recipe your kids will love:

  • one apple
  • one quarter lemon
  • one carrot
  • small handful of grapes
  • handful of spinach

And our Top TEN reasons to juice:

  1. Enzymes! Aids in digesting, stimulating the brain, cellular energy & repairing tissue.
  2. Prevents disease by keeping the blood more alkaline and feeding it with healthy enzymes.
  3. FRESH, natural nutrients (no added sugars like those you would find in the juices on the supermarket shelves).
  4. Less digestive work s your body can focus on other things, like healing itself!
  5. Nutrients are absorbed quickly and more efficiently into your body.
  6. Healthy sugar (juices contain simple sugars) that your body can actually use.
  7. Phytochemicals. These are only found in fruits & veggies and prevent specific diseases.
  8. Vitamins and minerals.
  9. Juicing itself is a discipline that carries over into other health practices.
  10. Used as a meal replacement, juicing can significantly reduce overall calorie intake per day, and therefore increase most people’s health with just that benefit.

Heavenly Hash Browns

The trick I discovered when making hash browns is how the potato is prepared prior to grating. Before I knew this, my many attempts to make the perfect hash browns, would end in failure;  the only reward would be a sickly pile of purplish gray potatoes that really didn’t taste vaguely close to what a hash brown should taste like.  So the trick I learned is simply to bake the potato first and then grate! 
 hash browns
  • 4 medium russet potatoes
  • 4 T butter 
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • Makes 4 servings
  • bake the potatoes at 350 degrees for 25 minutes (potato should be slightly tender but not cooked all the way through otherwise you’ll end up with mashed potatoes!)
  • allow the potatoes to cool to the touch a bit and then grate (take off the skins or leave ’em on – you choose)
  • in a skillet on medium heat, warm up some butter – about 4 tablespoons (may add more for extra flavor and crispiness)
  • spread the hash browns in the skillet and sprinkle salt and pepper
  • when the hash browns turn golden brown in color, shake them around in the skillet or flip them but be careful that they don’t get mushed together