Boosting Metabolism – The E-Book

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This is NOT a diet book. This is a book designed to enhance your lifestyle in a way that makes your metabolism burn like fire and your immune system destroy anything in its path, with ease.

Most people don’t understand how metabolism affects health and immunity; this E-Book will help you understand that relationship, as well as how to enhance “the team.”

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Are you curious about which habits of yours are sabotaging your metabolism and fat burning systems the most? Or why you have energy crashes in the afternoon and don’t feel like getting out of bed in the morning?

What about your inability to lose fat or tendency to have blotchy skin, dandruff, irritable digestion or lack of concentration at times? Maybe your hands and feet get cold for no good reason and sex is the last thing on your mind?

All of these symptoms, none of which are signs of vibrant health, unless maybe you are 90, can be improved by finding your weakest metabolic links and then following the outlines in the E-Book for optimizing them.

That is the gift that this book gives you: how to find your most damaging habits and replace them with nourishing ones, including PRECISE NUTRITION PLANS.

There are no fad diets or products here – just real foods and real-life strategies for optimizing your ability to burn fat, fight off diseases and obtain your ideal body.

Everything in this E-Book is based on the latest science and over 15 years of personal and professional experience, so take comfort in the fact that these methods have withstood the trials and errors of many people so that you can reap the benefits of this unique, and very successful program.

Check out my bio if you are interested to hear what I have overcome in my life in the way of metabolic disasters, and how I am thriving now.

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only $9.99

Money Back Guarantee


Make a Risk Free Purchase!
Feel safe with this RISK-FREE product. If you are not happy with Muscle Magik, and it does not sooth and comfort your aches and pains better than anything else you have tried, just return it and you will promptly be refunded the full purchase price of the product.  That’s my promise to you.

The Muscle Magik guarantee is based on the following happening:

1. It is returned within 30 days from the date of delivery.

2. The bottle is at least half full* when returned (if it takes you more than 150 drops to figure it out, then something is fishy).

3. You must receive an authorization code from us – this occurs by contacting us (see below) and telling us why Muscle Magic didn’t work for you.

*Returned bottles will never be repackaged or resold.


Return Authorization Code

An authorization code is required so that the Muscle Magik experience can be improved upon and kept honest. If people really don’t like it, I won’t sell it, simple as that. So far, it has a 100% satisfaction rating, so I am sure you will love it too.

Returns must be authorized via email to or a phone call to (408) 945.1474

To contact us for a Return Authorization Code, you will need to provide the following information:

– Reason for the return
– Is it opened or unopened
– Date of purchase, name and email address

Once you receive the Return Authorization code, please return the product to:

Return Auth. Code

1766 Clear Lake Ave

Milpitas Ca, 95035


Customer Service by Phone (408) 945.1474

by email:



FAQ’s for Muscle Magik

1. Are essential oils safe?

Yes, but these precautions are necessary to take.

2. What is the science behind essential oils?

There is a lot of small studies that show great promise for the use of essential oils in many different medical ways, but at this point the studies are not conclusive enough to make any bold statements, especially since there are no true regulations yet on essential oils.

3. How do I know this product is pure and you are putting in it what you say you are?

Well, you don’t, just like every other product out there you can buy, you must trust the seller. This is why I operate with full disclosure and give you all the information you can find on me and Muscle Magik so you can learn about my reputation and gain trust in me, naturally. You can also read all the testimonials (good and bad) and make your own opinion on the product.

Rest assured, I only buy and mix 100% pure essential oils with nothing else added, ever.

4. What else is added to these oils?

Nothing, ever.

5. What do I do if the oil burns or heats up too much?

You can dilute it with any type of vegetable or carrier oil – simply rub the carrier oil over the hot spot and it will cool down quickly.

6. What oils can I use to apply with Muscle Magik?

Any carrier oil will work, i.e. olive, coconut, grape seed, etc. oils.

7. Is it necessary to use a carrier oil with Muscle Magik?

Yes, it is highly recommended. There are a few things that can go wrong if you don’t.

How to Use Muscle Magik

DIRECTIONS: You should always first  try one drop of the oil on a small part of skin (like on the arm) to test for sensitivities before applying to larger areas.

Use 1 drop of oil for an area about the size of your palm. Make sure to dilute this oil with an equal amount of carrier oil, like olive or almond oil.

If the oil burns too much -you are supposed to feel some heat – simply dilute it by applying more carrier oil to the area until it is the right heat for you.

This oils can be used up to 3 times per day, depending on where it is used (the more sensitive area the less often it should be used) and how many total drops are used each time.

Use common sense when applying and stay away from sensitive areas like the face, armpits, upper groin, etc.

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. Consult a doctor if you are taking medication or have a medical condition. Do not take if you are pregnant or nursing. Not intended for infants. Keep out of eyes and off of sensitive areas.

Wash your hands immediately after use and do not touch your eyes for hours after applying with your fingers.

STORAGE: Keep in a dark, cool place.


This product is not meant to treat, cure or prevent any diseases or medical issues.

The scientific research for essential oils has not compiled enough evidence at this time to make any substantial claims for anything other than being associated with certain properties, such as improving aches, pains and inflammation, but not necessarily causing those actions themselves.

Always contact your doctor before taking any type of product if you are on medication or have any illnesses.

Muscle Magik does not claim to cure or fix anything, and is meant only to be another tool in an active person’s lifestyle for dealing with aches and pains.

While essential oils have been deemed relatively safe for adult usage and have been used for 1,000′s of years in the healing arts, these oils can cause harm if used improperly.

Please read more about the science of this oil here.

Muscle Magik Science

Due to the insufficient funds required to perform large double-blind studies on essential oils and their effectiveness, the FDA and government will not give their approval for the science behind them or validity of their results and benefits.

You can read about how a few such studies show the effectiveness of essential oils to improve pain, headaches, neorpathies, arthritis, inflammation and more herehereherehere, as well as why it is difficult to perform study’s on essential oils here.

So it is up to us then, the people seeking natural ways to heal ourselves, to look at all the research and data available and make up our own minds about the safest and most beneficial products to use.

Definitions of science are:

1.a branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws.

2. systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation.

3. systematized knowledge in general.

4.knowledge, as of facts or principles; knowledge gained by systematic study.


Now the question becomes; is a list of testimonials about one subject, enough to call the results “scientific” evidence?

Let’s think about that for a second…aren’t testimonials (truthful ones at least), a body of facts or truths systematically arranged (in this case, everyone puts the oil on their muscles the same way)through observation and experimentation?

Here’s one problem with most, if not all testimonial pages -they only present the positive feedback that promotes their theory – this is not science.


Then you can deduce for yourself how successful this product and essential oils are in helping aches, pains, energy, inflammation and much more.

Of course all of the results could be placebo, which is why more complex studies must be administered to get the “facts”, but would that be better “proof” than the fact that these oils have been used for 1,000′s of years and that they are already considered to have exactly the same properties that the testimonials confirm. Ultimately that is up to you.

So this stuff really could be snake oil! Who knows!?

All I know is that I have been using essential oils for the last 10 years with myself and clients with amazing results. These same results can be found all over the internet.

As a bonus, these oils are 100% natural, safe and side-effect free, unless of course you are allergic to one of the oils or you don’t follow the directions on how to use them properly.

When I have sufficient testimonials to paint the picture of Muscle Magik’s potential, I will post them here…so far all I have are 100% satisfaction reviews…

History of Virtues

virtue is a trait or quality believed to be morally excellent and valued as a foundation of principle and good moral being.

The opposite of a virtue is a vice.

The lists of virtues created throughout history are a great, wait, scratch that, are the BEST set of guidelines EVER constructed to help mankind reach its potential.

As our society spins out of moral control and into sin city, it becomes harder and harder to be virtuous, not impossible, just harder. Between fast “food”, skinny models, magazines telling us to lose weight and be fit, famous people cheating and lying and businesses robbing consumers blind, there is a place where many people have lost touch with certain morals and virtues, simply because they are trying to survive.

This doesn’t make a person bad, well, some people sure are bad, but in general it means that someone is just going through the motions o f life, letting others tell them how to think, and not living up to their potential. This is all fine, unless of course you are somebody who wants to be all that you can be.

Why is it that so many people would rather watch reality shows and surf the internet than work on improving themselves and their virtues? Yes, there is little spare time these days, but as Socrates says, there is no such thing as time, only priorities. Benjamin Franklin believed that one should “lose no time” and always be employed in something useful by cutting off all unnecessary actions. These words of wisdom have been lost in mainstream marketing and the wide variety of “things” we have to do these days. Most of which have nothing to do with improving one’s Self.

Most people have many great virtuous parts, but the key to reaching one’s potential is to be virtuous in ALL of the parts. Plato believed virtue to be a single thing and that the numerous lists of “virtues” are merely pieces of what virtue actually is.
In other words, one is not virtuous if they only practice a fraction of the whole, and separating them into lists was only for the purpose of describing what virtue is made up of. How can one practice diligence without temperance? Or how can anyone consistently practice anything without faith and hope?

With virtue you can’t be entirely poor;
without virtue you can’t really be rich.

Chinese Proverb


Before we get to The 10 Core  Virtues, here’s a snapshot of how they came about and who came about them…

360 BC – Cardinal Virtues

First it was Plato, in 360 B.C. who described four virtues; temperance, wisdom, justice and courage. These later became known as the Cardinal virtues.

56 AD – Theological Virtues

In his first letter to the Corinthians in about 56 AD St. Paul says, “And now abideth faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love” (I:13:13). The English word love for the third and greatest of the virtues was used by all of the English translators of the Bible in the 16th Century in place of the original word, charity.

* The Heavenly Virtues are a combination of the Cardinal and Theological virtues.

375 AD – The 8 Terrible Temptations

A Christian monk, Evagrius Ponticus, was the first to list eight terrible temptations. They were, in order of increasing seriousness: gluttony, lust, avarice, sadness, anger, acedia, vainglory, and pride. Evagrius viewed the rising severity as representing increasing fixation with the self, with pride as the most offensive of the sins. Acedia (from the Greek “akedia,” or “not to care”) denoted “spiritual sloth.”

410 AD – Contrary Virtues

The Contrary Virtues were derived from the Psychomachia (“Battle for the Soul”), an epic poem written by Prudentius in 410 AD. His poem did not list these sins and virtues as we know them now, but it was this poem and its talk of combating sins with virtues that started the Contrary Virtues.
Practicing these virtues is alleged to protect one against temptation toward the Seven Deadly Sins later constructed by Pope Gregory the Great: humility against pride, kindness against envy, abstinenceagainst gluttony, chastity against lust, patience against anger, liberality against greed, and diligenceagainst sloth.

590 AD – The 7 Deadly Sins

In the late 6th century, Pope Gregory the Great reduced The Terrible Temptations into seven items. He combined vainglory into pride, acedia into sadness, and added envy. His ranking of the Sins’ seriousness was based on the degree from which they offended against love. It was, from most serious to least: pride, envy, anger, sadness, avarice, gluttony, and lust.
Later theologians, such as St. Thomas Aquinas, contradicted the notion that the offensiveness of these sins could be ranked this way. The term “greed” has historically been used interchangeably with “avarice” and in the seventeenth century, the Church replaced the vague sin of “sadness” with sloth.
The most common list now used is;
pride, envy, anger, sloth, greed, gluttony, and lust.

How the 10 Core Virtues Lead to All Virtues

The 10 Core Virtues were not picked because 10 is a nice number. They were not picked at all really, they just happened to organize into an idea after studying virtues long enough to recognize their patterns and realize that one needs to focus on only a few, rather than the 100’s to reap benefits from them all.
That is not to say focusing on the 10 Core Virtues is the only way to achieve virtuosity, but it is a great start and seems to be the most efficient way to become virtuous in all parts while focused on only a few.

The 10 Core Virtues and their Actions

By practicing The 10 Core Virtues one will automatically attract and become the actions they manifest, which are listed under “Actions Created” for each of the 10 Core Virtues.
A lot of time can be wasted focusing on a virtue listed under one of the “Actions Created” if its Core Virtue is the main issue. Learn how to spot your weaknesses and then strengthen them with the appropriate core virtue exercise.

Focus on the Core Virtues and watch everything else fall into place.

Love   Purpose   Prudence   Faith   Gratitude   Purity   Temperance   Forgiveness   Humility   Wonder  

Got Wellness Books?


Wellness Books post M book


This E-BOOK will help you Safely Boost your Metabolism by showing you how to manipulate the most important factors, all based on the latest science and research.You will learn how to:- Identify your weakest metabolic links- Create an individualized meal plan- Develop the perfect macronutrient ratios

– Be able to define what metabolism really is

– Improve your health and many symptoms of disease

– Feel, sleep and look better than you ever imagined possible!

Check out the Top 10 Metabolic Influences right here.




Wellness Books post Vol I book

This book has everything from the 4 dimensions of health to the 10 main virtues of life; not to mention strategies for developing each and balancing the whole.In this book you will learn:- The 4 dimensions & 14 components of optimum health- 10 virtues that affect all other virtues- How to strengthen and find your mission and purpose

– The 5 steps to spiritual enlightenment

– Exercises for each of the 10 virtues

– How to define and achieve optimum health

Check out the 4-Dimensions of Optimum Health & History of the Virtues.



MASTER the UNIVERSE with these 13 LAWS

 Wellness Books post Vol II book

This book is about harnessing the abundance of the Universe. There are know laws that govern our world, yet few people take advantage of them for their well-being.

In this book you will learn:

– How to stop procrastinating

– How to balance Yin and Yang

– What it takes to attract your dream life

– How to connect with the Universe and everyone around you

– Exercises for tapping into each law

Check out how to Master the 13 Laws of the Universe.




 Wellness Books post cleanse book

This book is about cleansing and detoxifying your body, whether its mental, emotional, spiritual or physical, this book covers it, at the same time it relates each step to the seasons.In this book you will learn:-How the seasons correlate to various aspects of life, based on ancient, Eastern wisdom- How to cleanse your mind from toxic thoughts- Affirmations for cleansing all aspect of life

– Specific and well established protocols for cleansing the body, without using products.

– Learn how to rid yourself of a lifetime of toxins

Check out When, Why, What & How to Cleanse, for Everyone.



Evaluation & Corrective Exercise for Low Back Disorders

 Exs Prog LBD cover image

If you are a exercise professional who deals with low back pain clients or patients, then this book is an excellent tool for getting to the root causes.

In this book you will learn how to:

– Evaluate someone for red flags and functional deficences

– Design an exercise program based on a person’s diagnosis and specific functional issues

– Figure out which parts of the anatomy are most affected by each person’s disorder

– Recognize when referal to a specialist is necessary

– Recognize daily lifestyle patterns that are detrimental to the spine

Check out a portion of Chapter one!


Phase II Components

Welcome to Phase II. Get familiar with the components below so that you can maximize your time and efforts to get the results that Got Function? is designed to deliver for you.

The Components

Dynamic Warm-up
Total Body Circuits
Stretch & CORE Circuits
Just Move It!
Corrective Actions
Foam Roll



These exercises are ideal for activating the small muscles you need to stabilize your joints throughout a workout. The goal here is activation, NOT fatigue. If you work out these muscles too hard at the beginning of a workout, then they will be pooped during the rest of the workout and cannot stabilize your joints properly.
If you are someone who needs extra stabilization, then do these exercises also after the workout or on your off days. Additional weight can be added to meet the demands of your life, sport and activities.

Dynamic Warm-up

This group of exercises is essential to any workout. It is what prepares the body for battle. Whatever you are going to do, sports, lift heavy weights, etc., this group of exercises should get you ready for that.
The exercise we use here at Got Function? utilize all planes of motion and are sure to have you ready for ANYTHING. Whether it is lifting heavy, playing a sport, or performing our phase I circuits, these warm-up routines are proven to have you completely ready by the time you finish them.
If you are new to exercising, you can actually use these as your workouts! No shame in that. These are total body exercises that use your bodyweight in just about every way you can imagine.

Total Body Circuits (TBC)

The Total Body Circuits used here at Got Function? are based on all of the main functions of the body, which are push/pull/squat/lunge/twist/jump/walk. Each TBC will rotate through these movements to make sure that your workout is balanced and most importantly, FUNCTIONAL.



The CORE circuits used here at Got Function? cover all aspects of the core, including flexion, side bending, twisting and extension. Each circuit will always rotate through these movements to ensure that you get a balanced workout and totally functional core.


Stretch + CORE Circuits

These circuits are done on Saturdays and are a great jump start to the weekend. They are not meant to be very intense, but rather increase your metabolism for the weekend and stretch you out while you are warm and moving around. The same type of CORE circuits are used here as in the other videos, with the addition of two stretches at the end of each circuit. The stretches are your reward for working hard, so remember to really relax and breathe during them. Take your time and don’t rush through the stretches.


Just MOVE IT! (Movement/Cardio)

Keep your movement between 65-85% of your max heart rate for at least 25 minutes in order to get a challenging workout that will yield results. Although some days cruising under the radar is necessary and you should go at whatever speed you feel like, remember that if your goal is improved fitness, body composition, fat loss, etc., then you will need to stay at the higher intensities.

  • · Dance
  • · Run/jog
  • · Walk/hike
  • · Swim
  • · Bike
  • · Sports
  • · Wii sports
  • · Etc. 
The X-Factors Total x per wk
Corrective actions 3-7
Stretching 3-7
Foam roll 3-5


Corrective actions, stretching and foam roll are the top three things that most people lack in their exercise routine. These are also the top three tools for preventing injury and keeping the body supple, flexible and balanced.
Please make sure to add these to your routine, you won’t regret it.

Corrective Actions

Please note, these exercises are NOT MEANT TO TREAT ANY PAIN OR INJURIES YOU MAY HAVE. You should always check with your doctor before trying any exercise program. The word corrective is used here as a description for improving posture imbalances.
These are just a few of the most common imbalances that societal habits cause our bodies to have. If you click on each link above you will find a description of each. Check out the videos in the corrective actions section on this site to see how to improve each situation.
If you are not sure which one is best for you, then follow these guidelines;

a) If you sit at a desk or in a chair a lot, they are ALL good for you, seriously. Most of our imbalances come from sitting and lack of movement.
b) If you are active but have aches and pains in your lower body only, then try #2 & #3.
c) If you are active but have aches and pains in your upper body only, then try #1 & #3.



This is how you reward your muscles for working hard. Stretching everyday is a great way to relieve stress, reduce muscle soreness, and improve your daily mobility and aches and pains. The videos shown in the stretching/cool-down section are NOT FOR WARMING UP before a workout. They are intended to cool you down after a workout or for use on a daily basis to improve posture and joint imbalances.
Please read more here about how to stretch properly.


Foam Roll

If you haven’t foam rolled, then get ready for a love-hate relationship that will change how your entire body moves and feels. By rolling over specific parts of your body as shown here, you will release adhesions in the muscles and fascia that 1) cause you pain, 2) restrict your motion and blood flow, and 3) decrease your performance and function. This is huge, because most of us sit too much and don’t stretch enough.
Don’t worry if this is unbearable at first, that just means you need A LOT of work, but it will get better, and you may even enjoy these painful self-massage sessions. Please give it a try because it can be an X factor in pain and performance, just ask the pros.

Phase II Training

WELCOME to Got Function?!

This page is all about Phase II training for the Got Function? program. To learn more about the entire program, go here.

Please read all of this info FIRST. This is everything you need to know before you watch the videos and start your workouts. Without this information, the videos here are just another bunch of exercises.

Click here to go to the FREE EXERCISE VIDEOS.

Below is your key, the second phase in a SYSTEM that will take you to your highest physical potential. Follow it, and you will get further than you ever imagined.

Phase II function banner








  1. Stabilize
  2. D. Warm-up
  3. TBC
  4. CORE
1. Move it!
2. Stretch
3. C.A.’s
  1. Stabilize
  2. D. Warm-up
  3. TBC
  4. CORE
1. Move it!
2. Stretch
3. C.A.’s
  1. Stabilize
  2. D. Warm-up
  3. TBC
  4. CORE
1. Move it!
2. Stretch
3. C.A.’s


TBC = total body circuit

C.A. = corrective exercises

D. Warm-up = dynamic warm-up

Move it! = cardio, sports, hiking, etc.

S/C circuits = stretch + CORE circuits

CORE = core circuits


Regular Workout Flow – (M/W/F – 45-60 minutes)workout progression banner


  • Combine each of the components (as suggested above in the weekly calendar) into one smooth and continuous workout. For example, on Monday, start with the stabilizer video, then move onto the dynamic warm up, 2 total body circuits, and finally 2 CORE circuits.
  • Take as little rest as possible between exercises and circuits. The goal here is maintaining a fast, controlled and steady pace, not intense weight lifting.
  • This phase is 4 weeks minimum, and you must properly perform the level 6 TBC at a moderate speed and resistance  in order to progress to phase III.
  • The warm-up and stabilizer videos are organized as upper, lower and total body. This does not pertain to phase II because every workout has a total body focus, so therefore you can choose whichever (upper, lower or total body) you like.
  • Although stretching is not mentioned on the M/W/F routine, it is always a good idea to stretch everyday or almost every day. Unless you are blessed with extreme flexibility, stretching is key to not only your performance, but also your recovery and overall well being.
  • The amount of times per week for each workout is a maximum recommendation, so if you are new to this and it seems like too much, then start with only 2x per week instead of 4, or whatever sounds right for you. Just know that the greatest benefits will come once you get up to the maximum recommendation. Work your way up slowly, with baby steps anything is possible.


  • Maintain the following intensities by % of MHR (max heart rate) for the TBC & CORE portions of the workout.

               Beginner – 60-70%      Intermediate – 65-75%      Advanced – 70-85% 

  • Control your body weight up to a moderate speed in all planes of motions and with all types of movements, including; push, pull, back bend, side bend, front bend, squat, lunge, twist, jump, land, accelerate, decelerate, and combinations of movements.
  • Perform a level 6 TBC efficiently at the end of 4 weeks so that Phase III can be started.

Phase II Component Guidelines

 (click here for full descriptions)


Activation exercises designed to balance posture and joints – choose 1 video per workout.

Dynamic warm-up

Should warm and prepare the body for whatever type of workout you are about to perform – choose 1 video per workout.

 Total Body Circuit

Choose 2 circuits for each workoutchoose 2 videos per workout.


Choose 2 circuits for each workoutchoose 2 videos per workout.

 Stretch + CORE Circuits

4-6 bodyweight  circuits alternating between 4 CORE (flex/side bend/twist/extend) exercises and 2 stretches – choose 4-6 videos per workout.

 Move it!

Just move baby, that’s it. Pick something you like that keeps your body active and do it for at least 30 minutes.


Also used as a cool-down, these stretches target all the major muscle groups and should be done daily to optimize your health and performance – do all major body parts each time

 Corrective Actions

These exercises are what will keep your body balanced and able to constantly exercise high intensities without injuring yourself – depending on your aches and pains, do one or all of the corrective videos. See below for more details.

 Foam Roll

Get ready for the most powerful self-massage tool ever, the foam roll. This is how you will keep your muscle supple and injury free.